In starting my journey with cold process soaping, I’ve run across a fantastic website for any crafter:  They have materials for soap making, candle making, lotion making, mineral makeup, and I’m sure there’s more that I just haven’t found yet!  Best of all, it’s linked with the Soap Queen Blog, where Soap Queen provides tutorials on how to make all of this!  The combination of great products and a forum to learn how to use them makes this site wonderful!  My favorite product, by far, from there is the Lots of Lather Quick Mix for cold process soapmaking:  Mixing and measuring oils is very time consuming in making soap, and so having them already measured and premixed is so fantastic.  It really saves me time and energy to focus on things like colorants and scents – the art on top of the science!

Currently Bramble Berry is running a contest to help determine their new fragrances for spring, and I’m trying to apply.  I think I’d be great in their SOAP panel.  I love fragrances, and I’m very good at deciding which fragrances go well together.  I’ve got a particularly sensitive nose, so I can often detect things that others might not.  In addition, since I’m just starting out crafting, I’m already making smaller batches, which would be perfect for testing a new fragrance.  I wouldn’t have to make any changes to account for the smaller batches!