I know, it’s a terrible play on words.  Truly though, that’s how I was feeling after this weekend, and my issues with making a batch of soap!  I’m usually really really careful when I’m making cold process soap.  I wear all sorts of safety gear (dust mask, protective goggles, gloves, long sleeves, long pants, closed toe shoes – you get the idea), and I don’t let anything distract me while I’m measuring or pouring lye.  I don’t know what happened this past Saturday – maybe the soap gremlins were out to get me!

Here’s how it went down:

I got out my new loaf mold (eeee!  So cool!) and set it up with a small area for a little 1.5 lb batch, and the bigger area for my 5 lb batch.  I was planning to soap two different fragrances, and was going to try a new technique for my big batch.  So my plan was to make a 6.5 lb batch of basic soap batter, and then split it up for each try.  I measured most of my oils out and set them to heat up and melt.  I measured out my lye, and my water.  I planned to measure and melt my cocoa butter while the lye water cooled down.  As I picked up my container of lye, my hand wobbled and I ended up spilling the lye granules all over the table, and the carpet.  Just to make it better, I wasn’t wearing shoes or socks, so I freaked out that I was going to get lye all over my bare feet.  I leaped back from the table (somehow not spilling any more lye).  Put the lye down, found a piece of cardboard for me to stand on, and continued with my soap.  In my own personal chaos, I somehow forgot to measure and melt my cocoa butter.  So I added an unknown amount of lye to the right amount of water, and then added that to about 90% of the oils I planned.

Not realizing the problem, I continued with my batches.  My first batch turned out (I thought) great.  Smelled great, looked pretty, everything was great!  Making the second batch was another challenge.  I split my soap into the three colors I wanted, and realized after I did the split that I hadn’t added my fragrance!  So I added the fragrance to the colored soap individually.  About 10 seconds later, I realized that I should have tested the fragrance before making a huge batch.  It was accelerating trace and I needed to get it in the mold NOW!  No time to do fancy designs, or make sure I’d remembered to pour in the correct sequence of colors (I hadn’t, for the record).  Just get it in there!

Sigh.  My soap *looks* fine right now, but looks can be deceiving.  There’s always the possibility that I have lye pockets somewhere, which would be BAD.  I’m still going to cure it, and check every so often to see if there’s any problems.  And from now on, I’m getting a bigger container for my lye, so I can’t have a random hand wobble that results in a huge mess!